About us

People Like You is the caring communications agency.

What do we mean by caring communications agency? Well we care about the quality of the work we do – but we equally care about the people we work with.

Over the past few years we have taken pride in helping the following types of organisations thrive and tell their powerful stories:

Clients have included:

The Guardian
Plan UK
Friends of The Earth
Vegan Futures

What do we do:

We take the your ideas and put them where they will be seen.

Each project we take on is a journey we want to embark on together with you- as we only work with clients we believe we view every project as an opportunity help create a better world.

Who we are:

Damien Clarkson, Director

Damien Clarkson, Director, People Like You

Damien founded People Like You back in early 2012- since then he has been hard at work telling the world about great campaigns and products. He has led and created campaigns and marketing strategies for some of the UK’s biggest charities and commercial organisations. He is a Vegan and co-founder of the UK’s Vegan festival Vegan Futures and a passionate environmentalist, marathon runner and cyclist. He also regularly writes for the Guardian and Huffington Post.

Judy Nadel, Creative Consultant and Producer


Judy is a creative tour-de-force who wears many hats in our team. She is passionate about the arts, promoting women in music and encouraging people to care about animals and the environment. She has worked both curating festivals and hackathons for high profile clients. And she has also delivered good digital work for some of the biggest digital awards companies in the world.

Working with us:

You will find working with us is slightly different to other marketing and communications agencies you may have dealt with in the past. We can produce in-depth quality content and marketing strategies because we genuinely care about the subjects and issues you care about.

We’re not the type of agency you will brief and never hear from until the project is about to go live. We’re here to be with you every step of the way, we believe in creating something in unison with you not separately. Our ethos is to listen and adapt to create something powerful together- we really mean that. Get in touch at: hello@thepeoplelikeyou.org