Do something powerful today by sharing the Plan UK #FGMrose film

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plan rose

Recently we started working with Plan UK on their Because I am a Girl campaign to bring to an end the practice of female genital mutilation.

Last week Plan UK released the #FGMrose film on YouTube- receiving 28,000 views to date. Please watch the film and share with your networks, we think you will agree it is a powerful piece of content in aid of a great cause.

More information about female genital mutilation 

Every year, millions of girls across the world are at risk of FGM – Female Genital Mutilation. Also known as female genital cutting, it’s a practice dating back thousands of years, which involves the full or partial removal of a girl’s external private parts.  It is mostly carried out on young girls, sometime between infancy and age 15, but has no medical or hygienic justification.  It’s practised for a variety of complex cultural reasons including beliefs that it helps to preserve chastity, cleanliness and family honour, and that it prepares a girl for marriage.  FGM is a global issue – in the UK, 20,000 girls are at risk this year. As part of our Because I’m a Girl campaign we are calling for FGM to be eradicated.

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