Embracing the journey

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The Black Cat Hackney

I write this from the viewpoint of my favourite Vegan cafe in London. The weather outside is grey and the beautiful bay windows that adorn the cafe are firmly shut.

I just realised that we’re over halfway through the summer…

This summer I am yet to:

I find myself regularly fighting a losing battle with time. He is much faster than I and has an uncanny knack of always getting the his destination. This has led me to recently wonder if the destination is all it is cracked up to be.

Vegan ultra endurance athlete Rich Roll has recently been writing and talking about life hacking. He is encouraging us to embrace the journey and focus less on quickly getting to the destination.

When I reflect on my recently life experiences the most exhilarating ones have been impromptu. They have been simple things like listening to music with friends, going on bike rides and having picnics.

When I think about my recent marathon, I rarely think about the moment where I crossed the line. My mind always comes back to the beautiful training runs with friends and the sunsets I witnessed.

Last night I watched another Lance Armstrong documentary on the BBC. He is a character who continues to fascinate me. He is also a prime example of life hacking going wrong. Do I think Lance Armstrong would have won the Tour De France if he didn’t dope? Personally providing he was a team leader with good support riders’, I believe he would have had a great chance.

Lance chose to dope he did it better than anyone else and brought down other riders who challenged him. He life hacked his way to the top; there was a lot of hard work involved but when the going really got tough Lance got doping. Now he has been stripped of his 7 Tour De France wins and faces bankruptcy.

As I approach my 30th birthday (next month) I am battling a urge to focus on traditional life landmarks. The truth is we don’t live in normal times. The security that once exists doesn’t anymore the only security that exists is in innovating and investing in your life journey.

Ultimately we are only here for a short period of time. We can exercise, eat a healthy diet and we should do those things. But we can still fall victim to injury or illness. What we can do is embrace the moment, we can be grateful for what we have.  We can care for our friends, make food from the earth with love and try and do our best everyday at whatever it is we choose to pursue in life.





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