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As the clocks have gone back it feels like a good time to show you a few of the projects we have been working on recently.

The Future

We have been getting involved in some environmental campaigning with our friends at The Future. Who are The Future? Well, we are put simply a collection of creative souls, who care deeply about protecting the wonderment of our planet for future generations. On the 23rd September we came together in London, Berlin, NYC, Sydney to use creative practice as a form of protest against the inability of politicians and big business to tackle climate change. We did this through yoga, freerunning, running, meditation and dance to mark the event of the UN Climate Summit in New York.

Take a look at the fantastic video below to see what we got up to in London.

Vegan Times Are Coming

Our Director Damien regularly writes for the Huffington Post and the Guardian. Last week he published an article on the Huffington Post talking about the growing popularity of a Vegan diet and why there has never been a better time to try Veganism.

The article was shared by high profile entrepreneur and Vegan ultra endurance athlete Rich Roll.

Rich Roll


Because I am a Girl Campaign

Recently we worked with the team at Plan UK helping them generate online interest in their Face Up campaign. The app they developed with Saatchi & Saatchi and launched it ahead of the International Day of the Girl. The app gets you to put your face to the fight for universal girls rights. If you haven’t taken part already.

Christmas is coming…

We almost hate ourselves for saying it but Christmas is coming… You know, that time in the year where we get together our loved ones plus some dubious relatives to give gifts to one-another.

As a digital marketer it means now is the time to get your Christmas game face and capitalise on the frenzy of activity which is about to ensue. 

Digital communications with care

We’re here to be with you every step of the way, we believe in creating something in unison with you not separately. Our ethos is to listen and adapt to create something powerful together- we really mean that. Get in touch at: hello@thepeoplelikeyou.org




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