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Social media

We offer a broad range of services from helping your organisation to create and implement a social media content strategy. To delivering daily social media activity designed to keep your organisation at the heart of conversation in your area of interest. We pride ourselves in being experts in customer care and take a proactive approach to involving influencers in helping to shape our communications for clients.

Campaign strategy and management

We love nothing more than create fully integrated campaigns, that get people to take action online, grabs the attention of journalists and puts you in-front of policy makers. We possess the experience and understanding of what it takes to turn something from an idea into a high impact campaign capable of creating real change.

Blogger influencer relationships

We will help you grab the attention of influential bloggers. Over the past 3 years we obtained coverage for our clients on some of leading blogs in the UK. We love to work together with key influencers to help shape our asks for the rest of the blogging community.

Web copywriting and content marketing

We can work with you to develop clear and concise copy for your website, marketing materials and campaigns. We’re able to turnaround high quality copy decks to suit multiple situations.

Multimedia storytelling 

By working in collaboration with our award nominated production company Picture Imperfect we can help turn your story into multimedia content designed to take your viewers on a journey of discovery. By using cinematic quality production, the content we shape together will have mass appeal and go beyond being just another video; we aim to kickstart a movement of positive change in the world. Together we can offer the complete multimedia creation and distribution package.

Public Relations

We can help develop and implement a media plan to support you in gaining the attention you desire for your product or organisation. Whether you’re looking to reach the mainstream media or a niche market we can work with you do achieve this goal.

YouTube strategy

We’re active in the YouTube community, especially in the world of veganism and health and fitness. We are able to help you with developing your YouTube persona and discovering a new way to honestly communicate with the YouTube generation.

Media buying

We’re able to help you plan media buying for Facebook, Twitter and Google adwords. With competition for space on the social web becoming increasingly fierce, paid media is increasingly becoming part of the campaigns mix.

Visual design

We work with a number of talented freelance designers to create powerful imagery to fit with the content we create for you.

Digital communications with care

We’re here to be with you every step of the way, we believe in creating something in unison with you not separately. Our ethos is to listen and adapt to create something powerful together- we really mean that. Get in touch at: hello@thepeoplelikeyou.org