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A ‘Pillar’ is defined as a tall vertical structure of stone, wood, or metal, used as a support for a building, or as an ornament or monument.

As marketeers it is important to remember pillars are as key to our content development strategy as they are in supporting buildings.

If we neglect developing strong pillars to build our content calendars around, we risk not delivering of a strong cohesive message to our target audience.

So how do I build a strong structure for my content?

Firstly ask yourself the following questions:

1) Who do we exist to serve?

2) Why should people care about this content?

3) Is this tell a story people can relate to?

If you can’t answer any of these questions, your content castle is laying in ruins.

So how do we go about building content pillars?

Once you have answered the questions above start thinking about how can you tell your story in a way which isn’t just “Buy our product, we are great”.

For the purpose of this post lets assume you’re a company wanting to sell road bicycles to people in the mid price range market (£800 to £2000).

The likely audience for your probably will look something like this:

Ok, so what do we know about our audience for this product?

So we can now use this information to inform our road bike content pillars.

Example of content pillars for our road bike company:

Obviously you need to be fluid with your content development strategy and as you learn more about how your audience responds. You will need to add in new content pillars and remove some (carefully). And always leave room for creativity and innovation outside of these categories.

Remember putting pillars in place will give you structure and enable your audience to understand what your brand is about and what they can expect from you.

Happy creating!

About the author:

Damien Clarkson is the founder of the communications agency People Like You. He has helped charities, tech start-ups and international brands create high quality content for the web. He also can regularly be found writing for the Guardian and Huffington Post.

Please get in touch with him by email at: hello@thepeoplelikeyou.org or connect on Twitter @damienclarkson

* This blog was originally published on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/pillars-damien-clarkson

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