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People Like You Founder Damien Clarkson standing as part of the Future opposing London City Airport Expansion

People Like You Founder Damien Clarkson standing as part of the Future opposing London City Airport Expansion

Well this week has been varied… On Monday we joined the brilliant climate change campaign The Future in opposing the expansion of London City Airport. We think expanding this airport is a seriously bad idea and actually we would ideally like to see it close as Damien explains in this Huffington Post article and the video below.

We have also agreed to work on a really exciting campaign with a new client in the animal rights space. We will tell you more about this in the coming weeks. We are super keen to work with anyone online who is passionate about animal rights, tackling climate change and creating a healthier society on this one. If that is you get in touch by email at: hello@thepeoplelikeyou.org

We also and the pleasure of meeting up with a couple of people doing some really interesting stuff. Namely our friend Rachel Beer, who has done many interesting things over the years including running her old agency Beautiful World and setting up the ace NFP Tweetup. Which over the years has added much value to our lives and so many other people in the digital space.

Rachel always provides us with inspiration and great advice you Follow her on Twitter and please say hi because she has a lot to offer anyone interested in forward thinking discussions.

We also managed to catch up with Eliza from Healthy Living London. We absolutely love this project as being healthy in the city certainly poses some challenges.

We think they are doing a really fantastic job in providing loads of information to get you out there moving your body and eating healthy foods. We expect this site to be getting some huge traction soon, so pop on over and say hi to them on Twitter.

Finally… We published our first article on Medium. And wow we found it was a beautiful publishing experience. In the article Damien is discussing challenging our confirmation bias. Please come on over and leave your edits and recommend the piece if you enjoy it.

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