UKIP’S Climate Change Wisdom

By on May 9, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

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Tamsin Omond- the future

Our friends over at The Future (a brilliant new non-violent climate change action group) have been busy putting together a video exposing the joke which is UKIP’s views on climate change.

Farage and his neoliberal cronies continue to push nonsensical climate change denial which no scientific evidence base.

At People Like You we believe climate change to be the biggest threat facing our generation, floods, famine, people displacement are the future we face if we don’t take action and stand up to irresponsible politicians like UKIP. If we don’t us and our children face a troubled future.

For the real facts of climate change visit skeptical science. And get involved in The Future campaign and become part of the solution.

Most importantly share The Future’s video and tell everyone you know to not vote for UKIP in the upcoming EU elections. They represent the irresponsible brand of fear politics serving the interests of big business and not citizens of this country.



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