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Firstly thanks for taking the time to visit the first People Like You blog post, we hope this can be the start of a beautiful knowledge based friendship between us.

What can you expect from our blog?

This blog will talk about the communications ideas and campaigns that excite us. We will also use this space to share insight and learnings from the projects we undertake.

And on that note here is some digital mischief we had a helping hand in recently creating.

Climate Rush call for the BBC to be the best broadcaster on Climate Change

Last month our friends at Climate Rush called upon BBC to become the best broadcaster on climate change. Sadly the BBC currently regularly fail to illustrate the seriousness of climate change, especially on their flagship TV and radio programmes where climate change skeptics are a regular site. This is despite the scientific consensus and evidence points with 97% certainty that climate change is man-made and happening now.

So on the verge of the IPPC’s stark warning on climate change, Climate Rush sprung into action appearing outside the BBC to bring you the below report calling for the BBC to be the best climate change broadcaster.

Later in the week, People Like You founder Damien collaborated with other Rusher’s to showcase the BBC’s bias on climate change to the Buzzfeed community.

Top 10 BBC Climate Change Fails

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People Like You, Founder Damien is a Director of Climate Rush and has been campaigning with the group since 2010.

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